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Wonderment – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Wonder – Word of the Day


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Two parts multiverse
with stars hung just right,
a creek of no distinction
which, nonetheless fascinates with songs of abandon,
along with dappled forest light which invites
as sunlight plays with leaves,
whereas thunder speaks of power beyond ourselves,
and leaves us in awe;
such wonderment in which to delight and more
as we open ourselves to  nature
and a love that is our share.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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3 Day Quote Challenge

Day Three – Wonder


“The sense of wonder is our sixth sense.”  D.H. Lawrence

I love the work of D.H. Lawrence, and especially when he is speaking to our inner ability to wonder. Wonderment refreshes the senses, but as Lawrence is suggesting, wonderment is innate in us, it is our ability to see the world through different eyes, eyes that revel in nature, in sunsets, in love, in compassion, in poetry, in simplicity, humility, integrity, passions … Imagine a day without wonder! No? I can’t either, I’d dry up and fade, besides I have jawdropping moments of wonderment daily. for me wonderment is a key to my creative flourishing, the juice of passion.

My nominations for today:

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