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There’s No Denying It!

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There’s no denying it, surely you too can see the face on this rock on Beringbooding Rock. We went up there some time back, around 2008, and stayed at a wonderful farm stay called Watson’s Way. The owners suggested we go and have a wander round the local feature called Beringbooding Rock, a granite rock used from the 1930s as a water catchment site. They also suggested that we look out for this rock which has the side profile of a face, which can only be seen from this angle. It had a local nickname, but I can’t remember it, something like ‘John’s Nose’ or the like, well there he is, looking out on his domain.



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Daily Prompt: Puncture

via Daily Prompt: Puncture

Back in 2009 Lyn and I went away for a coupe of days to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. We went to a place called Watson’s Way B&B north-east of Mukinbudin and near Berimbooding Rock. It was a wonderful time and we were well looked after there. But we nearly didn’t get home. We were heading home after lunch, we had done 50km and were just past Bonnie Rock when the a tyre went on the car (my work vehicle). I thought, this won’t be difficult. It wasn’t but it did get a surprise when I opened the boot because the only prospect was what is known as a ‘space saver tyre.’

It was still over 20km into Mukinbudin, and the recommended tyre usage was a travel speed of 80 kms, weighted against the time ticking away to get to a tyre repair place in Mukinbudin. The space saver tyre had all the appeal of the wrong item about it. It didn’t even look like it could do the job of a tyre let alone survive the distance, and if the tyre service in Mukinbudin couldn’t fit a new tyre, it was 79 kms back into Merredin where we lived. I had visions of having to thumb a ride.

Fortunately the tyre service in Mukinbudin had the relevant replacement. Upon investigation, the cause was a puncture caused by a tek screw.

The upshot has been that I now ask when buying, borrowing, or accepting a work vehicle – does it have a proper spare tyre. Space savers are great for saving space, they work well in the city, but not on gravel roads or rough country roads.



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