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That Sound, That Feel

via Daily Prompt: Undulate


The waves are gentle, 
a rythmical undulation 
like inward and outward breaths of meditation, 
a life giving force that captivates the heart, 
and takes prisoner the mind and thralls it with wonderment. 
Gliding along I enter a new space and feel refreshed. 
There's something about being on the water. 
It's not possession, 
because this is a privileged and shared space, 
no, it's about surrender to the water, and all that it brings. 
The water rythmically laps the sides of the kayak, 
the undulation, beautiful. 
Nothing profound, 
simple, joyful ... gift.
It is late, and yet the day is just beginning, 
soul friend.

┬ęPaul Cannon 2018





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via Daily Prompt: Launch


2012-01-27 10.32.03.jpg

Sometimes even the sheer effort can be daunting, all the prep, all the organising and the getting there, but once launched, it’s really worth it. There’s something really meditative about kayaking, the smell of the water, salty downstream, brackish upstream. There’s plenty for the eye to rejoice in, dolphins, stingrays, King George Whiting, black swans and a host of birdlife (some migratory). There are sounds too, birds calling, wind rustling vegetation. And there’s the sound of the water lapping on the side of the kayak, and the sound of my paddle as it divides the water and pushes. But it is not overly intrusive, the kayak is gentle on its surrounds, respectful of nature. The fish and birds come close, they trust the quiet nature of this vessel, and so do I, it is an invitation to presence and calm, even stillness (which is not an absence of movement per se). When I launch the kayak, I launch into something too, something deep.



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via Daily Prompt: Irrelevant


Gnamma holes, one guarded, one not. There was no plaque to say what the metal contraption was really for. Clearly it would not deter a child let alone an adult (not that it seemed to be drinkable, though if you were despereate enough it would get you by), nor small animals, and seemed to enable room for roos to duck in and get a drink. there were no fittings at the top of the metal guard to suggest it was for anything more sophisitcated. Besides, the gnamma hole was not overly deep – about waist level. The only possibility was that it would deter the more ungainly, less agile and feral camels from using this limited source of water and depriving native animals. However, the metal guard was irrelevant, given that the neighbouring gnamma hole was unguarded (and there were two guarded gnamma holes and several others unguarded further along), so what was the point?


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via Daily Prompt: Magnetic

On a previous trip to Kathleen Springs it had rained the week before we got there, and the creek was running, and had trickled over the pathway. Water is vital for most living things and especially for butterflies, and indeed, you could say that for butterflies water is magnetic. The video clip doesn’t do the scene justice as there were was a multitude of butterflies around the puddle, and of course, they wouldn’t stay still, but there they were, flocking to the water for much needed moisture. I find butterflies absolutely delightful, and this was a wonderful moment to see so many in one place.


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via Daily Prompt: Volume


The volume is loud and high. The sound of the water was wonderful as it thundered underneath the road and out into the open again. And the Blackwood River was rising high as the volume of water from upstream surged down through Boyup Brook.

The short video was taken at the crossing at Terry Road, just off Jayes Road. And in the photo you can see that the road had been gouged by the force of the water. It was refreshing because the winter rains flush the river and creek systems and bring fresh water and renewal to the ecosystems along the way.




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