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We Will -a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Compassion – VJs Weekly Challenge



Photo: trainingzone.co.uk

We Will

Rest on my heart which beats as yours
I sense the precipice on which you stand
and have stood there
as others have stood
time and again,
let me weep with your weeping
I am already washed in your flow
as you have been in mine,
rest on my shoulder as I rest on yours
and, take my hand
as I take yours
we will
step back and
begin again.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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Never Still – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

In-Between – VJs Weekly Challenge



Photo: pixabay.com

Never Still

The impasse is my own
a junction of life,
my path,
a familiar and worn shoe
now uncomfortable to wear
in some ways and yet,
well, not entirely so,
but all those yesterdays
completely true
though now, while
still with no regret
a Sense of why?
But it is what it is,
what it was as now,
I’ve always been in the in-between
yet never still.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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Bunyah Man -a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Response



Photo: abc.net.au Bunyah the farm where Les Murray one of Australia’s best known poets grew up as a child and returned as an adult many years later. A place that deeply influenced his poetry.


Bunyah Man

Taree was your last breath
so hard to think of a national treasure
dying ordinary in a nursing home,
what with thirty volumes
and a string of awards,
but now you’re gone,
ashes to ashes
dust to dust with
echoes of Bunyah
the Sydney Push,
conservative nomad
with ears to the ground,
a voice for the little person
and regard for the land,
the Queen’s gold medal
with just a little fame
you were large in life
and in name,
now you’re gone,
but your words remain.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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Memory – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Anniversary – VJs Weekly Challenge



Photo: friendshipcircle.org



Sometimes I look for you
but mostly you come to mind,
a memory curled in my heart,
a felt sense of presence
often my own face as
I awaken in the morning mirror,
moments of humour,
anger and sorrow,
holding my four year old hand.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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Refreshed – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Rain – VJs Weekly challenge


Video taken last winter, Blackwood river, Augusta.


If I could choose
it would be gentle rain
that soaks the earth
and kisses my skin
on warm days
when faded desires
need to be refreshed
and parched thoughts
need to be slaked
that the soil of my soul
will once again
bear gifts.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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That I Should Leave – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Farewells – VJs Weekly Challenge


Photo: Daniel Rericha at ndmagazine.net



That I Should Leave

That I should leave
what is that,
what might it mean?
Do the stars object
or rivers cease their endless flow?
Does the curlew falter in mid call
or the dingo offer a song?
It is a quirk
that life goes on
though not indifferent
to the leaving,
for to leave is to never go,
and to go is to never leave.
In a leaving nothing is lost,
all is re-membered
for we are ever present
to where
and in who we grow.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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Hard Work – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge 40 – Things My Father Said



Photo: dwphoto.com.au


Hard Work

How to describe,
what to say of it all,
what comes as I remember
that his fists talked more than his jaw?
The tears he wept when he broke things
that mattered to the heart,
recompense so cloying
nothing could repair,
he was battered by birth and by life
he knew little of China or Morocco
but he knew that the coal that he shovelled
wasn’t anything of him,
though he never felt devalued
cos’ he’d say:
“Hard work never did anyone any harm.”
Yet it’s understatedly hard when
you love who hurts,
and that’s the real work of life;
it’s years now since he’s been gone
and my thoughts are more sober now,
I miss him a lot for the good things
and the occasional reactive quip:
“Don’t worry son, worry never achieves anything.”
and, in spite of everything,
I’ve discovered that’s true.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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Answer Isn’t Here – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Unanswerable – VJs Weekly Challenge



Photo: publicdomainpictures.net


Answer Isn’t Here

Timorous bold
spirited cold,
certain uncertainty
normal abnormality,
truth be told
the answers there
but it’s not,
it hovers out of reach
and lingers like spice on the tongue
a memory not quite clear
even masquerading the tangible
and mocks with fundamental apparition
our every certain veneer,
and answer derides
as we cling and hope,
but even when we think it is,
answer isn’t here.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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There Is Colour – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Wild Card


V.J. has set a challenge to look over the past week’s writing and choose a word or phrase that repeats and write about that. Well my word is colour …

different races.jpg


There Is Colour

He said,
he really did,
he didn’t even blink
there was no guile,
sincere, he just let it out
“I just don’t see colour.”
Well, there you go
in your disregard
focussing on self
issuing platitudes and
diminishing a fundamental
heartfelt me, we and us,
with a blancmange of nothingness,
while everywhere
there is is colour to be celebrated,
and not just white!

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul,  pvcann.com


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The Question – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Upside Down – VJs Weekly Challenge


Photo: pixabay.com


The Question

I saw a question
on the side of the road,
a struggling plant,
gasping, calling for water,
and none to be found,
save for the discarded plastic bottle
of nature’s spring water,
resolutely shut,
lying nearby,
and totally unaware
of the gift it withholds,
selfishly smug,
secure in its expense.
Will the plastic ever care,
now that it has so cleverly seduced us
and shut us against our very own life?

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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