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There Used To Be Twenty – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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dVerse Poets – OLN

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” Edgar Allan Poe

There Used To Be Twenty

I'm having a garage sale,
my sanity's going cheap,
and my vanity is worn so
make me an offer and I'll 
throw in a few lost aspirations
and some fragments of jealousy,
there's a chunk of broken
innocence, sadly no spare parts,
though I can offer bits of 
placated ego that might help
patch that mess, and there's
a box of baggage for when 
you're haunted, and a couple
of packets of mixed nuts and
a bag of marbles, there used
to be twenty but five are missing,
cash only.

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️ 


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