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Stockholm Syndrome – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Taint – Word of the Day


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Stockholm Syndrome is where captors turn a captive, the captive makes “friends” with the captor as a way of surviving.

This poem is for anyone who’s blown the whistle and paid for it.


Stockholm Syndrome

The words won’t form,
but even when they do they’re inadequate,
as they meet plausible deniability,
self-congratulatory hand wringing
gloved with obsequious smiles,
and the ancient quotient,
a make-piece of insurance,
it takes two.
If only you hadn’t
or got out of bed that day.
We see that you’ve suffered,
it’s not your fault,
we’d like to help
but we can’t take sides.
We can see your point,
it pierces us,
really, it does,
but you’ve done the unthinkable,
broken the rules,
spoken a truth,
pointed a finger.
Why couldn’t you just swallow it,
and set us free of your taint?
The weariness of my silence,
a surrender,

┬ęPaul Vincent Cannon





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