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Surrender – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Friday Fun – Waves

Video taken July 2018 at Redgate Beach, Western Australia. It was so windy I was having trouble balancing as testified by the camera wobble. As I pan to the left, what should be open sandy beach is awash with waves and sand loss. It has been stormy here again this week as autumn gives way to winter once again.



The old engine is thrumming again,
nature’s pistons pounding the beach,
sand ever giving way,
what other choice could there be
in the face of such force?
Or surrender
and be one with all,
either way is death,
but only one is enlightening.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com




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You Will – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Capitulate – Word of the Day


Photo: pixabay.com


You Will

One look and you’ll surrender,
she’ll melt your heart and
crease your lips.
Your words will evaporate
to sighs and groans,
the language of ecstasy.
There are no terms,
there is not treaty,
her smile is determined,
her eyes locked on,
you will surrender!

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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Alliance – Word of the Day pexels-photo-1246960.jpeg

Photo: pexels.com


Across the trench I see you readying to make a move,
the flares go up, a sure sign,
a prelude to a barrage,
the whoosh of shells and chatter of guns,
staccato, a painful beauty.
The shouting,
the frenzy,
down comes the wire,
the whites of their eyes,
that moment of surrender.
And, just as soon, comes the silence,
as before, so afterwards,
ordnance expended, tension eased.
Now we hold each other prisoner
the distance is closed,
an alliance begins,
in this tortuous war we call love,
where no one wins
and everyone loses together.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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