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Daily Prompt: Fabric

via Daily Prompt: Fabric

IMG_2582 2.jpg

I have some beautiful pieces of hand woven fabric that have been given to me over time by friends who are masters of their craft. But nature has its own varieties of fabric, like the spider web in the photo, found at the base of a small tree trunk, quite common in the northern interior of West Australia. They are deceptive, they have a funnel like appearance yet they are not formed by one of our deadly spiders. They are sheer and well placed to trap prey, the ultimate in gourmet food collection. The trees in this section were coverd in them, and it was eye catching, the gossamer shining in the sun, natures Gucci, Channel, or [insert fashion house name here]. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but to the naked eye it was sheer beauty. And not a synthetic in sight. And also noting that nature works on exchange, nothing is over produced or wasted, all is offered as needed, so no mass produced lines here. There is nothing here about consumption. Which is a metaphor for the web or fabric of life, nature is a complexity of interdependent fabrics on which we too are a part and on which too we depend, and it always relies on a balance of those relationships.





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