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That Measure of Solace

Solace – Word of the Day


Rock pool at Tjukurla, the silence was crisp.


That Measure of Solace

Auden’s clocks have long stopped,
though nothing in particular disturbs.
Except, perhaps, the every grief
the rough and tumble of the daily joust.
The amber and the red,
a diminished account,
the angry thrust of neon,
gutters of urine,
the rankle of gulls.

Convenience stores,
a non sequitur.
I laugh,
others look,
disdain or pain, I can’t be sure.
The lure of true Gomorrah,
Cash for landfill.
My shame is writ large.
Purpose died today.

I yearn for balm,
a place to be, like Gilead,
of rugged, sparse plains,
of cleft rock and soothing pool,
red dust and granite.
A measure of solace,
of peace that melts souls.
That measure of solace
the bush.

©Paul Cannon




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