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Siren of the Bay

Enticing – Word of the Day


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Siren Of The Bay

The sun strikes noon
as my feet turn in the warm, gritty sand.
I pick up my towel,
my skin blessed with salt,
and brush it down.

I wander back, retracing the shore,
the boistrous crowds behind.
Gulls screeching, fighting over scraps.
The breeze surrendered,
waves languid.

Such a glorious idyl,
The horizon a shimmering mirage.
Silence, alone, in my head.
Wrestling with demons,
hoping for angels.

I stumble,
looking up to see if anyone saw,
your movement caught my eye.
You smiled, open, enticing, sparkling,
siren of the bay.

In a heart beat I ponder.
Should I say something, respond?
He sits up next to you, wondering,
my ardour vacates and I wander on,
hoping for angels.

©Paul Cannon




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via Daily Prompt: Distant


Standing on top of Baladjie Rock at Boodarockin (Shire of Westonia) looking out over Baladjie Lake which expands into the distance and Lake Deborah and then north to the distant horizon. The distant horizon is always something to reach, to see, to experience. It is the distant horizon, the distant shore, the distant Mt. which calls me like a siren. And onward I must go.



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