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via Photo Challenge: Delta


A photo of the Blackwood River as it was five years ago. To the back left you can see water – this was where the river once ran but the intervening spur of vegetation covered sand before it shows how the river silted up. To the back right the river disappears and enters the ocean. You can see the silt clearly. Beyond the photo to the right would be a view of the ocean eating into the dunes towards the river.

Not long after this photo was taken a new cut was made (just below the tree line in the foreground) to allow the river to flush and to allow boats in and out. The silt at the old river mouth was making it too difficult for boats. The cut was controversial as it was said to be inadequate, however, it seems to be working from my persective, and the boats can easily come and go.

The silt creates the delta effect, that triangle of sand in the river mouth or nearby. The Blackwood is breathing again as the Cut has given it life after silt.



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