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Jolly Good Idea

via Daily Prompt: Jolly

Okay, so we’re on the road a fair while and we decide to take a break and book a motel so we can shower, do the washing and rest for a couple of days. Motel was fine, we all shared an apartment. Well, all was fine cept for the shower head. Fortunately Geoff carries everything one might need to fix things at short notice. Geoff is resourceful, and often reminds me of MacGyver, but better, who can work with anything. The shower head collapsed, the wing nut which held it tight had faulty thread, and when we turned the water on it fell down everytime. But Geof fixed it, and he made a jolly good job of it too. The important thing was we all got our showers. The best thing about this was the simplicity, I was thinking hardware store, Geoff just thought cable ties.





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