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Shooting The Breeze – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Sanaa is hosting Poetics and exploring the poetic genre looking at the verse epistle.

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“Once wealth and beauty are gone, there is always rural life.” Mason Cooley

Shooting The Breeze

Dear Jacko, it's been a while,
I do hope you and yours are well,
still fencing out dingoes I suppose,
last we spoke the windmill was like
the townies here, lost its bearings,
and fallen beyond the pale,
I wish I was out there with you,
chasing roos and watching twenty-eights,
eating wild plums and swimming at the 
water hole, instead I'm stuck here,
it's gone to shit what with all the
rules and vacuous fools, galahs, who 
run the place, oily bastards who bleed that
old disease of privilege built on plastic 
lies and unicorns, like we're entering
the promised land, but all we have is
alarm clocks, deadlines and rising costs
strewn down the asphalt of insane hope,
lost in the cobwebs of my mind. I'd love to 
go on a bit more but I must go mate,
I'll let you know when we're coming,
just so you can lock up the .22, I might
well cock the hammer and shoot the 
plasma screen. I can hear you laughing,
"Silly bugger", let's shoot the breeze
instead and, of course, some beers.
Well mate, must go, that's stirred me 
up no end.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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