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via Daily Prompt: Recreate


I took this photo earlier in the year on the way to Brookton, the sculpture is by Tim Bradford of Cuballing. It consists entirely of horseshoes, a pleasant irony. It is a wonderful recreation of form and movement. When I first saw it I thought, I can see the sinew, the ripple of the muscles, I can hear the air move as the horse lunges, the sound of the hooves. The horse was indeed recreated in my minds eye. And my guess is that Tim Bradford also enjoyed his recreation creating this wonderful piece. When we recreate – we re-create, we are refreshed, body, mind and spirit. Go recreate!




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Daily Prompt: Create

via Daily Prompt: Create

I love creating, and I love other people’s creative ability too. February 2013 Lyn and I were down at Windy Harbour and we took time to go to the Northcliffe Visitor Centre and take in the Forest Sculpture Walk, an amazing experience.


This photo is not as striking as it lost the sheen of the gold paint the artist used to colour the dead remnant. I was captivated by the glow of it, very creative.


There were many sculptures to view. I’m told that there are some new additions, and that the trail is recovering well from the bush fire of 2015.



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