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Observe, Notice, Be Mindful

via Daily Prompt: Observe


A tree growing from the rock at Billycatting nature reserve, perhaps a bird or the wind took the seed there? This was further along a side trail along the rock, and not immediately evident. I only noticed it when I stopped and really looked.

And that’s it really. Observation or noticing is one of the ways we become mindful of our immeditate environment, how we attend to living in the present moment. Observing or noticing is to stop and take note, to absorb our surrounds, to focus on what is immediately around us, to take in  and soak up what is there, in front of us.

Of course, that way of being mindful is applicable on the micro and well as the macro level. It can be externalities or internal to us. To be mindful of our feelings is to notice what is going on inside of us, and to work with those feelings non-judgmentally, but especially to know that feelings are just feelings and are not descriptive of who we actually are, and can be worked through, enough to change the negatives. Working with our feelings is crucuial to our growth and development, especially our mental health. We can get trapped in negative feelings and feel that we will never escape them, but sometimes this is simply a rut we have entered and which needs diverting. Mindmaps can be helpful and unhelpful, but we participate in their design and existence, we are not passive victims who are hostage to our feeelings or our circumstances. In essence, we can rewire the brain, we can train the the brain. It works by experiencing change and not in knowing about change. But it begins with awareness, observing, being mindful. As Einstein once said: “Nothing happens until something moves.”

Below: Dr. Dan Siegel on neuroplasiticity.

One of my ways of observing myself and my environ, my experiences, is through meditation. Meditation is a brain changer anyway. The deeper the engagement of meditation the deeper the latent observation that arises afterwards. But even sitting having coffee somewhere, to intentionally notice what is going on within and without oneself is powerful.

There is a problem at the moment with any discussion about mindfulness, different groups believe they have a truth or a way. Some have gone down a pure clinical mind path, others have developed exclusive spiritualities, others, a science only approach, as if they’re all mutually exclusive. Which is ironic, because binaries are hardly mindful! Mindfulness, true to itself, belongs to no one, and is for everyone, and is a mix of all those things, that’s what makes it so potent.




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It’s A Fact!



(poster from planetofthevapes.com)

Is it really a fact? Fact can be slippery. The real conundrum is that fact doesn’t necessarily means true.

Science rigorously tests and peer reviews, and arrives at a fact, but does not rest with that, it continues to test and review and analyse, recognising that a scientific fact is still open to challenge, it may be true today but not tomorrow when we have more data, more evidence. In the past century Newton’s laws have been adjusted, modified and reapplied.

In a more general sense fact is often confused with opinion, personal understanding, perception, expectation, belief, and so on. Do we rigorously wrestle with our inner issues and perceptions? Do we adjust and revisit our beliefs and views? When do we refelct and enable ourselves some self-awareness, or even invite the refelctions of others? Our inner world needs to accomodate the outer world as an experience that cannot be completely ignored, and we need to enable ourselves opportunity for growth and development, and not least – to be able to flourish. But even more than that, the space to dream and vision.

And, is it a fact that you can’t do something? Is it a fact that you are who they say you are? Is it a fact that you will never be XYZ? Of course not, but the inner script needs to be adjusted and reworked, reapplied. Without some self work, some inner attendance, our self-script goes unchallenged, our mind map corrals our very being and potential if not opened up to reflection and adjustment, and in particular, the awareness of others around us. Challenge your personal fact-sheet, let go the script, and live.




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via Daily Prompt: Believe

Socrates comes to mind, naturally, when he says: “I am wiser than anyone else because I know I don’t know.” Belief is a strong, determined word. In the hilarious movie ‘Dogma’ (1999) the character Rufus, the thirteenth apostle (played by Chris Rock), asks “Do you believe, or do you have an idea?” The film was a criticism of the institution of the Church, which tends to foster sound doctrine, black and white beliefs, and in some corners of the Church, fanaticism (albeit, fundamentalism).

The issue of religious belief is always objectivity trying to defeat and ridicule subjectivity.

It might be that faith is a better word, but even that is a loaded word. But as author Ann Lamott says: “Faith begins with experience, and our faith is our reaction to that experience. Science begins with intuition and not logic.” And she also adds: “You have to experience something before you can know something.” And, “The opposite of faith is certainty.” and so, back to Socrates.

I prefer to speak carefully of the experience of soul work, the contemplative life, and my experiences of Other. Do I believe? Well, I don’t disbelieve, but I prefer to say, I have an experience, which is something more than an idea.



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