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Vagrant Days

Serenely – Word of the Day


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Vagrant Days

The rest of vagrant days,
of warm pillows and love,
soft morning light leaking in.
The alchemy of coffee and toast.
Holding that moment,
embracing the silence,
a revelation.
Knowing looks with no silent agendas,
the promise of this day,
a promise of serenity.


©Paul Cannon





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Daily Prompt: Revelation

via Daily Prompt: Revelation

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Early morning somewhere between Norseman and Widgiemooltha, heading north, it’s autumn, dark rain clouds have covered the sunrise. And as I’m driving along dodging roos and brumbies, and road trains (one which passed me when I was doing over 120), and then there was this. There was no safe place on the road to pull over, and I knew this wouldn’t last long, so I was a fortunate this farm gate was open and I parked in there to soak it up for a few minutes. A revelation on so many levels. Something divine, something natural, a special moment in time, the sun finally finding this gap through the rain clouds, signs of hope, a lot of thoughts running through my head. A revelation.




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