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The Key – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Key – RDP Monday


Photo: pixabay.com

The Key

Sun kissed
petals undone
you opened in the warmth
and rejoiced
smooth and
sweetly perfumed,
unfurling before me,
raw, naked,
my tender caress
the key.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul,  pvcann.com


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Everything – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Sage – RDP Sunday


Photo: nlooie.blogspot.com


“He who does not answer the questions has passed the test.”  Franz Kafka



No words came,
just silence in the presence
was enough,
nothing was fixed,
but everything fell away.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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A Shared Space – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Sanctuary – RDP Saturday


Photo: europaleisure.com (it seems that I am not the one who photographs our garden!)

“When you increase the number of gardens, you increase the number of heavens too.”  Mehmet Murat ildan


A Shared Space

In the garden of restoration
there is a chair,
another too,
an invitation
with table and wine,
a sharing amidst nature’s
colours and sounds,
that sweet moist air,
and the silence craved at day’s end.
A sanctuary to ponder madness
To dream our dreams,
and to divine purpose,
though not an end
of all our being.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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And Bags – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Baggage – RDP Friday


Photo: abcb.gov.au


“Just because you have baggage doesn’t mean you have to lug it around”  Richie Norton.


And Bags

I do go back to those days,
of dusty sheds with oily tractors
and bags of grain,
the smell of rust and diesel
pungent phosphate, O
those poor broken saws,
musty canvas,
the bale loader which made us slave,
and wrestling with rams
as we fleeced them.
Endless days of heavy lifting,
good clean muscling
and nights of easy sleep,
but nothing like days of heavy bearing,
where the heart is loaded,
carrying a lifetime of feelings,
that can never be weighed,
but which need tender love
that they might ever be lifted.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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Take Flight – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Flight – RDP Sunday


Photo: independent.co.uk

“From age 6 to 12, I lived in seven different countries, moving from one refugee camp to another, hoping we would be wanted.”  Clemantine Wamariya


Take Flight

Their guns,
it is always their guns,
we have no guns of our own,
Their guns are menacing,
and their words are spite and spittle,
we are suspicion incarnate,
despised and rejected we must take flight.
We are diaspora to the world,
our minds are broken down,
our hearts are ever restless for home,
but our feet seek places of hope,
and people of peace.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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