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via Daily Prompt: Zoo

Zoo, Zóon (ζωον, animal). Zoology (ζςον  animal – λογος, study).


The raptor show time at the Alice Springs Wildlife Park (zoo) is worth seeing.. The birds are all rescue birds. This owl, I love owls, was trained to snap up the treats thrown above it. And it was also trained to fly over us closely, an amazing bird to see in action. In one town I was living in a few years ago, which necessitated night driving for work, I spent time on trips picking owls and Tawney Frogmouths up off the road and placing them in the roadside shrubbery. They’d get caught in the headlights and become hypnotised, dazzled by the light. The risk of course was that they’d be run over, and I couldn’t bear the thought of them being run over, so being a regular Dr. Doolittle I stopped to remove them from danger. Some of the recue birds at this zoo were road accident victims. A modern zoo is a great way to protect species, especially the injured ones and where we can enjoy their being.




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