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Not Quite – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Random – In Other Words



Photo: pixabay.com


Not Quite

Random? That celebratory word
from the anarchists lexicon, and yet
a theory not quite stringless, not quite chaos,
an endless fibonacci moment,
only a statistician could love this child.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul,  pvcann.com


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Take Care MacBeth – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo Challenge #248 – MLM

Photo Challenge #248 – Mindlovemiserys Menagery



Take Care Macbeth

I see your shakespearean poster girl MacBeth,
with her mischievous eyes,
and knowing smirk,
she’s free of you, ,
your money has no quarter,
and your bond is not of her world,
be careful when she stirs the pot.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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True Madness (I’ll Be The Drudge Of That) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Madness – 5 Lines


Photo: graphics8.nytimes.com  a sardine cannery.

For me the photo speaks of work, income, but also of repetition and boredom, if you like – a type of madness.


True Madness (I’ll Be The Drudge Of That)

Friends with bipolar are sadly labelled,
eccentrics and the odder ones marked out,
people with causes and passionate views,
madness is none of these discomforting behaviours,
true madness is doing what we always do without thought or heart.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul,  pvcann.com


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Dressing The Ego – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Dress Up – 5 Lines



Dressing The Ego

As children we clomped around in hobnail boots,
and adopted oversize clothes with abandon.
Now we adopt different garb with an air of caution,
dressing up our fragile egos.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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Unscheduled Schedule

Serendipity – Word of the Day



Sarge Bay, Augusta, storm coming in.

Chaos Theory would say that for every apparent moment of chaos there’s an underlying pattern. Science would say that serendipity is logically explainable. Calvinists would err towards a predestination, others destiny and fate. Some confuse it with spontenaity, perhaps serendipity is spontenaity but I think it is something different, for me serendipity has no particular agency.

Storms come and go, they appear random, we know that for every element of nature there is an action, reaction process, there is an explanation. Storms appear because they are a reaction to pressure fronts meeting, here it is usually cold front meets warm front, winds and rains ensue. A reliable pattern attested to by the weather reports. But perhaps the timing, the position, the intensity are more random.

When we lived on the farm, we would often look out across the valley and watch a rainbearing front coming in from the west, it would drop maybe 1 – 2 inches on our place, yet a property down the road might be dry – nothing. The next time we might get nothing and the property down the road might get 1 – 2 inches. Rain is patchy at best, never consistent across a front. Rain may be patterned by the pressure system, but within that pattern there are random moments where rain doesn’t fall equally, where the wind squalls vary, where hail is inconsistent. A normal abnormality! Thunder and lightning would be another example.

Storms aside, love is perhaps the greatest example. Not withstanding hormones, the what, who and when of love are serendipitous. Love, true love, is interrupted planning, disrupted expectation, blindsided hope, deranged logic.

“When love becomes logical, it dies. When affection is timed, it no longer exists. When bliss is scheduled, no after-thought can bring it back. Now is the only time for serendipity, for synchronicity, for joy.” (Amy Larson/AmyJalepeno.com) All the romcoms, TV shows like Friends, are testimony to serendipity, that the best laid plans all come undone every time, and the unplanned becomes the real. Perhaps love itself is serendipity. I like to think so.

“She was forever unexpected and I was drunk on that about her.” Atticus Finch in ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird.’ (Harper Lee)

snow covers the ground
stark are the barren branches
one blossom smiling

©Paul Cannon




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via Daily Prompt: Coincidence

I’m not a great believer in coincidence. I do think it happens in love and momets of liminance. Things might just happen, but I don’t believe that happens very often. If you set out with a certain belief, or put yourself in a certain place or situation, then surely, things will happen? Sadly coincidence has become a legal cop out for companies  or governments that want to avoid legal responsibilities by claiming that negligence or occurrence of a problem is purely coincidental. Cancer is a prime example, oh there’s never a problem, it’s always a coincidence that all the people in that street, suburb, factory, have that cancer, purely random. Or take climate change, it’s all coincidence that there are some changes being identified, but the deniers want us to believe that all is normal, these are normal abnormalities. Generally, things happen because there’s a process, there’s an experience, we engage in an action or activity and there is an outcome or a result. But coincidence seems to be a way to say, there’s no liability here, no responsibility, Mr. Nobody did it. Is it coincidental that our actions in the West impact developing nations, is it coincidental that our chemical and processed food regimes contribute to cancer? Is it coincidental that our industrial processes over three centuries have brought us to environmental crisis? Is it coincidence that filling our water ways with refuse and industrial waste has killed off those water ways? I don’t think so.



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