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Ramble On

Gallivant – Word of the Day


I’ve travelled and rambled a little, but I would say as Bilbo said to Frodo (and later Frodo recalls it) “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”  J.R.R. Tolkien (Fellowship of the Ring)

But unless you go out that door there will be no adventure. One doesn’t need to ramble far for adventure, there’s enough going on in every local community to constitute an adventure of sorts. Adventure isn’t always about excitement or danger, it can be enterprise, chance, venture, to take a risk.

For some the risk is maybe even just going out the door, or, having to talk to people, taking the time, travelling even a short distance, being out of your comfort zone, going into new experiences … but to think, there may be conversations, sights, colours, wildlife, history, events, or the beauty of solitude in nature, whatever the outcome, there’s always an experience to be had. It may not be earth shattering or exciting, but yet it may well be profound. And, does it matter where you’re swept off to? Predictability and over thinking are kindred spirits to ruts. A true adventure has to have surprise and spontaneity somewhere in it, and you can’t plan that.

But isn’t that life? Life is an adventure (that’s my experience), life is an invitation to ramble on, you can’t nail the whole of your life down, you can’t control every day of every year. We need to open the doors of our hearts and minds, even to just leave the window of opportunity open to entice us. Strangely enough, all the ifs and buts become a faint memory once you’re out the door.

The tales of the “Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” are all about rambling, adventuring gallivanting, but also a tale about life itself, as most fiction is. The band Led Zeppelin were steeped in Tolkien. If you peruse their lyrics there are phrases from Tolkien all over their original works. But the emphasis is always metaphysical, always rambling, always love and adventure, hence the song “Ramble On” on their 1969 album Led Zeppelin 2. Below is a sound track of that song where the accoustic guitars have been separated out – so no heavy guitar on this one, and the lyrics come to the fore (simple as they are).

Ramble on!




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via Daily Prompt: Succumb


I grew up in semi-rural Nottinghamshire, I loved country rambling, exploring streams and ponds, groves of trees and the farms at the end of our encroaching housing estate. Migrating to Australia, I was hampered by urban living, country trips were rare even though my father loved them.

When I married Lyn we moved to her family home in the shire of Northam, a farming property. I succumbed to the charm of country living immediately, and we ventured far and wide across the wheatbelt. Eventually covering most of the southern half of Western Australia. There are still some roads to go down, but I recently highlighted the roads I have been down and its more than a few, partly because I take the road less travelled (to reference one of my fave poets Robert Frost).

I see the open road, and I’m immediately drawn. I succumb to the urge to go and look, to explore, to ramble on as the song says (Led Zeppelin: ‘Ramble On’). The more I look at this photo the more I want to just set off.




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