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via Daily Prompt: Shock


Lake Brown, near Nungarin. It has been there for a milennia, and it has always been a salt lake. For a time the salt has been a food and agriculture source. But when the lake is first encountered it is a shock to the eyes. The vegetation on the shoreline is degraded, salt affected, while the water burns the skin. Our wheat-belt has several of these salt lakes. But the shock of them often leads people to speculate that it is a result of modern farming – the clearing of land and overgrazing. But the reality is that these lakes precede white settlement. In our shock there has been a rush to apportion blame – that’s what we do, find a reason, find someone, to blame. But this salt lake is a natural occurrence, and no one is to blame. While salt lakes are considered in a negative light, they have and continue to be, a positive resource. Ignorance is not bliss, and we must make an effort not to judge in haste.




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via Daily Prompt: Sparkle

Lots of things sparkle. What we call sparklers, or really low grade welding sticks that light up with a match and sparkle in the dark. I really miss what we used to call fire works night (November 5) or Guy Fawkes Night (Gun powder, treason and plot), I really miss fireworks night, all those smells and colours and sounds, we’ve become a true nanny state in banning them. We forget there’s a risk even in getting out of bed in the morning – perhaps they’ll ban getting up every morning ­čÖé

Flowers also sparkle, like a living impressionist, even expressionist, painting.

IMG_0351 2.jpg

Taken near Nungarin at Talgomine reserve at the height of wildflower season, the photo doesn’t quite capture the sparkle, but I can assure you they do. A bit like us really, what you see on the outside sometimes belies what’s on the inside, we all sparkle, but you have to get to know in order to really know. Knowing is seeing.



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Photo Challenge: Collage

via Photo Challenge: Collage


This Collage is a slice of Western Australia’s natural spaces.

Clockwise from the top: A Silver Princess from the courtyard of New Norcia (near Moora); the salty water from Lake Campion near Nungarin; one of many tracks through Borannup Forrest (near Hambelin Bay); water level low at Tone Bridge (Boyup Brook); and in the center, the rugged coastline at Deepdene near Skippy Rocks (Augusta). Some fun times had in these places.



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