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The Meat – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Spontaneous – Word of the Day


Photo: One segment of the Northcliffe Art Walk, sculptures in the bush, quite striking when you get such colour randomly appearing. We went on a whim.


“Why not seize the pleasure at once? How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation.!”  Jane Austen, Emma.

The Meat

All the grids of the world
only ever speak of disorganisation,
cages occasion freedom
while structure poses random,
so stand where you will
where you feel drawn,
the choice is yours,
but mark my words,
of segue, impulse and whim,
well, that’s where the meat is.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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via Daily Prompt: Expect

IMG_0914 (1).JPG

Not what you’d expect on a bush walk, but this isn’t just any bush walk, this is the Northcliffe Sculpture Walk, a trail set in the bush. This piece is a section of stone, beuatifully etched – sandblasted.


Colourful ladders.

This was a community initiated art project, and it asked artists, writers, musicians, to respond to the forrest using their chosen media. It provides two aspects the natural and the created within one gallery. It’s well worth the hour or more, the surprises just keep coming, and it is a refreshing idea.




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Daily Prompt: Create

via Daily Prompt: Create

I love creating, and I love other people’s creative ability too. February 2013 Lyn and I were down at Windy Harbour and we took time to go to the Northcliffe Visitor Centre and take in the Forest Sculpture Walk, an amazing experience.


This photo is not as striking as it lost the sheen of the gold paint the artist used to colour the dead remnant. I was captivated by the glow of it, very creative.


There were many sculptures to view. I’m told that there are some new additions, and that the trail is recovering well from the bush fire of 2015.



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