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Incubate The Idea And Let It Fly

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A nest we found in the garden. The incubation over, the eggs all hatched, the fledglings all flown, the nest redundant.

Incubation is that long period of waiting after the eggs have been laid. The mother’s body heat progressing the maturation of the chicks, then feeding the young till ready to fly and gain their own independence.

The end of incubation is hatching. But incubation is only an entree, a door to life, the nest merely a stageing-post that must be departed. There must be a letting go or incubation is wasted, at best stalled.

The same goes for us, we can stay in the procrastination nest too long if we’re not careful, ideas, opportunities, processes, designs, must at some point be accepted and engaged. The procrastination nest can be enticing, it’s warm and comfortable, safe, a place to glory in the thoughts and plans that might be, just some more refining? But at some point we must let go and let the idea fly, test its wings, and make its mark. I wonder what its like for a chick to take that first leap into the void, for us it might be fear, nausea, discomfort, anxiety. For some it might well be positive, exhilarating, but if it’s not, then we resist and risk missing the moment. You might crash a few times but that’s better than curling up and wasting the idea. Don’t fear the risk, take the leap, your idea is worth that much, so let it fly.





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via Daily Prompt: Nest



I’m not sure which of the local species made and use these, possibly a New Holland Honeyeater. They are quite old, and they were not in use when we found them when we were removing a tree two years ago, we saw these and saved them for something, I have thought to incorporate them in an art work. The photo at the top shows a nest that is joined to the branch or twig really, the bird has woven fibres intricatly to grip onto the twig and secure a home space to raise a family. The photo at the bottom shows a nest that uses a fork in the twig to enable a secure grip. The weave of the nest itself is amazing up close, and makes a fine home. I note that there are a few inorganic fibres too, the birds use what they find – great recycling! And all done with feet and beak.


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