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Captive To A Dream – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Morning


Photo: Looking out from the lake to South Bunbury and the morning rise.


“This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.”  Maya Angelou

Captive To A Dream

Morning arrived,
I’m not sure how,
it evolved as an interruption
of which I was ambivalent,
I was captive to a dream,
yet I wanted to rise to the day,
but, I wanted to sleep
and I wanted this dream
through which I could see myself,
could see the world where I
understood that I did not understand.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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Vagrant Days

Serenely – Word of the Day


Photo: redbubble.net


Vagrant Days

The rest of vagrant days,
of warm pillows and love,
soft morning light leaking in.
The alchemy of coffee and toast.
Holding that moment,
embracing the silence,
a revelation.
Knowing looks with no silent agendas,
the promise of this day,
a promise of serenity.


©Paul Cannon





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Morning Love

Evanescent – Word of the Day


Post dawn, winter morn, looking east across the Blackwood. Dawns come and go, I’m asuming there’ll be one tomorrow, and even when I’m gone, they will continue. But this one faded into day, as they all do. Dawn has a fleeting beauty, which accentuates its attraction. For me whatever the day holds, it cannot beat the beauty of that dawn moment, it is something very special.


Morning Love 

Just as yesterday,
we agreed to see each other again.
The promise of one more time.
To catch even a glimpse of you,
my heart beats.
And, you came along.
though I never really doubted.
No, really, I didn’t.
And there you were,
Suddenly revealing all of you.
Your warmth and beauty wholly divine,
embracing my fragile longing,
an ancient ache,
to hold on to you,
momentarily assauged.
And yet,
no sooner have you arrived than you are leaving,
fading into the crowded day,
Neaera folding into Helios.
Though my eyes have telegraphed my heart,
and your beauty is captive,
a tenuous hold,
but at least a memory.
Till tomorrow then,
As again you will awaken my soul.

©Paul Cannon





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