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Memories – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: agrilife.org


I’m not sure why I stopped
in the sharp heat of the day
particularly here,
I walked the firebreak for a while
and though I didn’t stir the soil so much,
my shoes were coated in a pale dust
as if the old days wanted to come with me,
those accretions of experience
which stick to the back of the mind
and come in dust.
Hours later,
when I’d arrived home, I
determined that I would not
clean my shoes.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcan.com


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Cherished Wander

Wanderlust – word of the Day

The creek running through Fred Jacoby Park, Mundaring.

Cherished Wander

Silver birds don’t always take me there.
Today I walked with friends,
majestic red gums, acacias abalze.
the musk of roos unseen,
wattle birds, honey eaters,
the morse-code of frogs.
The creek rushing with winter,
taking little green ships to foreign parts.
And my mind begins to wander creeks past,
memories like underlined sentences;
my fathers warm strong hand,
my lovers gentle hands clasped in joy,
smaller hands clasped in mud and giggles,
tadpoles in jars,
hands of dear journey friends,
a few who’ve journeyed into the west.
Living and cherished,
Today I walked with friends.
Silver birds don’t always take me there.

©Paul Cannon




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Evocative Experiences

via Daily Prompt: Evoke


Definitely not appropriate now. Burning coal we know to be destructive to the atmosphere. Even early on in the industrial revolution smog was noted in English cities as coal was fundamental to machinery for transport, and manufacture, and it filled the air, polluting the atmosphere. I’m glad for other forms of fuel to supplant coal. It would be good to have a solar train! But, nonetheless, I love old steam trains (some would say addicted to them), they evoke strong feelings in me. My childhood comes to life again as I remember family outings, trips to far off cities, going trainspotting with my dad, going to a soccer match with my dad and his friends. The sound of the trains, which ran close by our home, the smell of the coal fire, the whistle at the level crossing, are marvelous memories. It was like they were alive, hence the term iron horse, or mechanical beast, equating life to them. Steam lives on through my inner child as it comes to the fore, with train trips, scale modelling, and museum visits, treasured memories are evoked and very welcome. For me, a steam train is a key to my past, an experience of joy, and a treasure-chest of rich memories, they are evocative of special times.




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