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Nature As Talisman

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When I was in primary school one boy created a bit of discussion one day because he brought along a rabbits foot, and he explained that this was his lucky charm. I was bemused. I never had one, though I had some favourite things that were sentimental and had I lost them I would have felt out of kilter, but no talisman as such.

I have a book that belonged to my great uncle Davey who died near Arnhem, Netherlands, during WW2, it is somehow a connection to the past. It is a large book, written for adults but yet fits the description ‘ripping yarns’ a bit like the ‘Biggles’ stories for those who knew them. I had a fave knitted red t-shirt that I’d had for years, it had holes in it, fibreglass stains and etc. I still had it when I got married. Lyn threw it out while I was at work one day! We now ask before disposing 😂 I still have a bedside lamp that was modelled on the story and cartoon character ‘Noddy’, I might repair it one day, it’s sentimental. But really, if these were taken from me, I’d grieve a bit, but eventually I’d not miss them, after all they are merely material.


The labyrinth is for me a practice of meditation, but it is also a symbol of life, reflection and journey. It comes closest to talisman, as I would miss this if it were taken from me, it is important to my rhythm and balance, it is life giving.

But even more than that, the photo at the top, which shows a segment of Billyacatting Nature Reserve near Nungarin, was a regular haunt when I needed to meditate and take time out from long days of driving vast distances. Why is this a talisman? Well, because for me it is life giving and healing. I find natural spaces enable wholeness and awareness more readily than built environs. I come alive in the bush in ways I don’t or can’t in urban spaces. I’m certain I would go on living if I lived in a major city, one like Beijing or Tokyo, LA, London etc., but I wouldn’t thrive, I’d merely survive in such places. But give me the bush and time to walk it, soak it up, commune, meditate, and engage with it, and I am revived, refreshed, and whole. The bird song, the smell of the earth, the blossoms, eucalyptus and other smells, the visual feast, for me the bush, and all that constitutes it, is my Talisman.

What’s your talisman?




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Tailored by Nature

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IMG_1261 2.jpg

Nature’s clothing, leaves, bark, twigs and debris a wonderful carpet tailored by mother nature over the damp ground, a clever protection against erosion from the heavy runoff, mulch for the seedlings of native plants, eventually (as eucalyptus leaves and bark take a long time to break down) it becomes compost and then humous, and it is also habitat for spiders, insects and bugs. A feeding ground for reptiles and birds.

As life is birthed in a tree, so it gives back life to the earth, an ecosystem tailored for the cycle of life.



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Life Giving


This once proud tree laid down its own life long ago along the Blackwood River, but it continues to give life. This section of tree trunk is an ecosystem. Moss evident along the log, other plants growing off the ends, a variety of insects, gekkos, frogs. A place for birds like flycatchers, wagtails. As its surface breaks down it becomes one with the soil, humous to feed other plants. In that way this tree is still alive, it is life-giving, selfless, redeeming.



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Impression [not much]

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That line from the song by Shania Twain , which often comes up in our house, “That don’t impres me much” comes to mind. I’m not easily impressed.

Yet nature leaves a deep impression on me. As my son Hayden is wont to say, nature is a (his) cathedral. There is a sense of the divine in what lives and breathes, in what is solid, or in what moves, in majestic forests and expanses of water, earth that is wet or dry (the smell, ah, the smell), in the power of storms, and yet just a drop of water on a petal can move me too. I feel at home at a party, but I am more myself in the bush. I can be present and mindful anywhere, yet I feel free in the bush.

Nature doesn’t war, it isn’t jealous, deceitful, or hateful. Nature is, even in death, life giving.

Nature leaves a deep impression on me.



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