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Her Legs – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Word of the Day – Hurry


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“I love to tease men with my legs.”  Eartha kitt

Her Legs

As dinner concluded
the maitre d asked,
a corner couch sir,
All whiskey and cigars his tone,
so I sat on a couch till,
with a swish and a sigh,
I was gifted the company of an angel
though more devilish than first appeared,
she sat opposite all preoccupied
smiling allure when I dared to glance,
No hurry, I told myself, and
when she crossed her legs
I lingered long and she
caught my eye and winked
and my heart sure missed a beat,
later at the till the ‘d’ enquired,
did you like the appointed corner?
I just smiled and said yes,
it was a room with
quite an engaging view.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com


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Standing Still – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Hurry – 5 Lines


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Standing Still

In one of life’s paradoxes,
strangely enough,
to hurry is to stand still,
the antitheses of my purpose,
and the faster I go the stiller I become.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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