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Fusion (△H=n△Hfus) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Fusion  (△H=n△Hfus)

Once when I was lysergic,
I knew a little ecstasy,
and though mere distortion,
I had never known such colour,
such shapes,
or feelings,
until I looked upon a dragonfly
dancing across the water,
a prismatic dewdrop on a blade,
and the sun bowing in the eve
in a climax beyond experience.
But of all the heights,
and there have been many,
nothing comes close
to the ecstasy we ignite.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Note: △H=n△Hfus is the equation for the heat of fusion – which is the required amount of energy needed for matter to change from a solid to a liquid without an increase in temperature of the matter. (see Reference.com) And ecstasy is a related to spectre.




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