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via Daily Prompt: Underdog


When I walked to the water’s edge there were no pelicans. But because I did walk to that spot, right next to the fish scaling bench, pelicans appeared. They’re graceful creatures, especially given their size. They saw me and justed gently wafted in. They were disappointed, all I was holding was my mobile, ready to take a picture, and they presented one. But no fish for the underdogs too willing to stake a bet that they could get a free lunch, rather than go fishing themselves.




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via Daily Prompt: Launch


2012-01-27 10.32.03.jpg

Sometimes even the sheer effort can be daunting, all the prep, all the organising and the getting there, but once launched, it’s really worth it. There’s something really meditative about kayaking, the smell of the water, salty downstream, brackish upstream. There’s plenty for the eye to rejoice in, dolphins, stingrays, King George Whiting, black swans and a host of birdlife (some migratory). There are sounds too, birds calling, wind rustling vegetation. And there’s the sound of the water lapping on the side of the kayak, and the sound of my paddle as it divides the water and pushes. But it is not overly intrusive, the kayak is gentle on its surrounds, respectful of nature. The fish and birds come close, they trust the quiet nature of this vessel, and so do I, it is an invitation to presence and calm, even stillness (which is not an absence of movement per se). When I launch the kayak, I launch into something too, something deep.



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