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via Daily Prompt: Nest



I’m not sure which of the local species made and use these, possibly a New Holland Honeyeater. They are quite old, and they were not in use when we found them when we were removing a tree two years ago, we saw these and saved them for something, I have thought to incorporate them in an art work. The photo at the top shows a nest that is joined to the branch or twig really, the bird has woven fibres intricatly to grip onto the twig and secure a home space to raise a family. The photo at the bottom shows a nest that uses a fork in the twig to enable a secure grip. The weave of the nest itself is amazing up close, and makes a fine home. I note that there are a few inorganic fibres too, the birds use what they find – great recycling! And all done with feet and beak.


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