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via Daily Prompt: Enamored


Simon is a friend from way back, and a good friend, someone who takes and interest in your life and introduces you to his world as well. I will probably never own a drone, not because I dont like them, but because I’m don’t  have a real use for one. Simon has used them in his professional work and also enjoys the hobby side as well.

We went to Hamblyn Bay on Saturday afternoon as the wind was lighter on the western side and the drone would fly better there. Which proved to be true. I had never operated a drone and I was duly encouraged to have a go. I was conscious of the cost of the drone and I was concerned that I take great care not to crash it. All went well. And I can’t explain it, so simple, and it was really good fun. Something about being abe to direct a machine, manipulate and utilize it. I am indeed enamoured with the drone and its potential. And so was everyone else on the beach, several who came along to watch and ask questions. Sunday we sent the drone up opposite the house and Simon took an aerial view for us. Looking forward to the videos later.


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