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Our Peregrinations

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Deepdene, between Hamelin Bay and the Augusta lighthouse, the water worn rock is a fabulous site as you come around the bend on the Cape to Cape Track.



Our Peregrinations

Once you said we should go
out beyond the cliffs,
down to the beach
and restore our senses.

We strolled,
All the while rejoicing.

We dared to tread seaweed
al dente, or crisp.
Feasted on moist salt air,
and drank in the shimmer of the sea.

We skirted the edges of foamy wash,
then paddled,
retreating once again.

We laughed,
we traded soul.
Invited to each other,

That afternoon along the shore
we navigated love,
immersing, never retreating,
washed, found, and whole.

©Paul Cannon






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via Photo Challenge: Temporary


Another beautiful spot along the Cape to Cape track. This section is just below Deepdene. Here I took a temporary break (back pack is in the bottom left of the photo). Some amazing rock formations along this section of the coast, volcanic, sandstone, limestone, granite, amalgam or all. Great place for a break, the ocean, the sand, the salty air, the sound of gulls and otehr birds, invigorating. Temporary, but yet permanent, becuase this memory has stayed with me.



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