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Dear Vlad (a letter from your grand papa) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“Ukraine is the instrument for Russia to test the West’s ‘red lines.’ Lilia Shevtsova

Dear Vlad ( a letter from your grand papa)

Dear Vlad
I am deeply saddened,
your mama has asked me to write to you,
I hear that you are up to your old ways,
teasing your cousins and claiming 
injustice in ensuing affray.

Your covetous nature compels your
jealous theft of all their sweets,
and depriving them of their toys
despite the fact that you have plenty,
your envy disrupts the household,
and you're always telling tales to mama.

If you were an infant
this might be expected, perhaps,
but now that your balls are sixty-nine
and you are greying with conceit,
it's time to put on a shirt and pull up
your pants and stop being a spoilt child.

Until I hear of your maturing
from these childish ways,
you're not welcome to lunch
or anywhere near our house,
sadly for you, this summer
we'll fish the Don without you.

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All Rights Reserved ®


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