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Moment Of Truth – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Conviction – Word of the Day


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Moment Of Truth

The gavel goes down,
all rise comes the cry,
shuffling and scraping we ascend,
till the judge once seated,
approves our descent.
Now in session,
we move to our fate,
a judgement,
guilty or not?
The defendant is humanity
surely a term redundant?
denial its only ploy.
The prosecution calls witness,
from far and wide,
from the Amazon, Syria, Andromeda,
and further afield.
Particles and life forms,
all speak their truth,
of neglect, abuse and slaughter.
The jury goes out,
the jury comes in,
and the grim word of guilty leaps out,
the judge summing up,
points the finger,
and sternly convicts;
humanity has failed all of nature.
Now some are rich yet many are poor,
we cannot breathe the air,
we cannot drink the water,
we have wasted the gift,
there’s not much left to destroy,
and now, quickly, we must make amends.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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