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Conversation – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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So relaxed
comes the anticipated moment
lulled by whale song
now languorous,
the pleasure of flesh on flesh,
a sensual conversation and
who knows its beginning or end,
the two now connected as
her supple hands,
a baroque composition
gliding his meridians
reading his body
responding with verbs,
uncoil his ravaged tension
releasing him to life.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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My Only Expectation

Expectation – Word of the Day


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My Only Expectation

We started somewhere,
though we started everywhere.
No point can be pinned,
it was a conversation,
a look,
a smile,
a place.

Seasons were our canvass,
and we painted ourselves slow.
Keeping every detail,
a record of our life
in love,
in trust,
in sickness
and in health.

Eros and Aphrodite sometimes came for tea.
And though we stumbled in their shadows,
our sighs smudged the heavens
with abstract utterance,
of caress,
of lips,
of eyes,
of that fleeting synthesis.

We’ve enjoyed so many, many things,
our needs were very few.
Time has gathered us more closely now,
our youth is more within.
Still we paint our canvass,
as life invites us through,
and my only expectation is
I’ll paint this road with you.


©Paul Cannon





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Daily Prompt: Conversation

via Daily Prompt: Conversation


For me there are many conversations. Conversations with loved ones, dear friends, colleagues, strangers, those you meet along the way. There are conversations with pets. And there are conversations with other friends, the ocean, the forest, the rocks, the river, the birds, mammals, insects …. On this trail I had all of those and more, and fortunately the only trace I left was my footprints, other than the dialogue I rejoiced in that day. I gave thanks for the friends I encountered along the way. There was much learned and shared, and the memory lingers, the conversation is intimate and indelible.




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via Daily Prompt: Riff

From Youtube, an excerpt from the doco ‘It Might Get Loud’ featuring Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White.

This gives a few seconds of that iconic riff from ‘Whole Lotta Love’ which filled the airwaves 1969. Simple but yet inspiring, when I first heard it I couldn’t stop moving to the riff.

Riff also brings me back to wonderful conversations. To riff on someone or their contribution to a conversation is to build, diverge or dip into that conversation. Like when you have that meaningful moment in a group where everyone is excited, not competing, but really contributing and enjoying each other. Riffing requires openness and patience, respect. It’s worth it because the result is connection, growth and fun. Its even better with good food and wine, but its main ingredient is willing journey friends. And the riff of conversation can move me even more than a guitar riff, it goes deeper.




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