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We Learned To bend – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Compromise – RDP Thursday


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“Love without sacrifice is like theft.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb


We learned To Bend

There is a oneness
that we found or,
perhaps, we made
of each other,
smoothing those edges
colouring the other,
what’s mine is yours
those worldly goods
some stayed and
some went,
we evolved together
and, on the shape
the colour,
the style or fad,
we learned to bend
more than a little
without breaking the
integrity that
held the core of us.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Paul, pvcann.com


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via Daily Prompt: Compromise


Com = with, promise = agreement, arrangement.

The art of working together towards and agreement. I’ve come across articles that suggest it is wrong to compromise, that you should stick to your guns and never give in. But I beg to differ. Without compromise we would never accomodate each other, there would be no opportunity for collaborative work or learning. Compromise is the art of finding a new way forward, trying to find points of agreement. Without compromise we would have rigidity, black and white scenarios, all forms of fundamentalism. I do agree that we should never compromise our own dignity and integrity, we should never compromise ourselves, as Janis Joplin once said: “Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all you’ve got.” While the Beatles sang ‘We Can Work It Out’ opining that life is too short for fussing and fighting.  Besides it’s not all about you/me. We can compromise our demands, ideals, desires, and wants. My observation is that relationships fail where compromise is absent.

I love this quote from St. Augustine of Hippo (oft times falsely attributed to St. Francis and a few others): “In the essentials let there be unity, in the non-essentials let there be liberty, and in all things let there be charity.” Not bad for a bloke in the fourth century. But then he had witnessed a fair bit of compromising in the the great ecumenical councils of that era.

Relationships flourish where issues and behaviours are compromised, all it takes is an “I message” and a listening ear combined with a willingness to let go fixed positions. Somewhere there is new ground.







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