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Together – Brilliant!

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Another permaculture garden being constructed, using the same brilliant principle as the Keyhole Garden, with the compost in the center. Newspapers form the compost retention area, straw and waste fills the void, while scraps continue to be added to the compost bin over time, and then, joy of joy, the worms come and do theri bit too. It all breaks down at different rates and contributes to the garden. So all round – win/win. This one worked a treat (though if you notice, there neeeded to be more inner space) and was also a great fun community day. Together we work, together we grow, together we reap, together. Just brilliant.




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Leafy Smells

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Eucalypt leaves, dry, spent, given back to the earth. Hard, resistant, they take longer than any other leaf to break down. They make better mulch than compast for that reason. I really love the smell Eucalypt, fresh or dry, but the best is when the end of summer is near and the summer storms come and the rain brings out such a wonderful feast of smells, an olfactory orgasm if you like. Petrichor (the word for) the smell of rain on dry soil and leaves, atmospheric aromatherapy, wonderful stuff. Never despise a dry leaf, food for the senses.




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