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Penchant for the Bush

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Music,chocolate, red wine, a definite penchant for these and more, but my real penchant is the bush. It’s where I’m most whole, where I’m most centered, where I feel I can breathe, body, mind and spirit. I find the bush deeply moving and deeply spiritual. For me it is a relational thing, this living breathing stuff is part of me and I am part of it. It is also one of my muses, and it gets my creative juice flowing. A day in the bush, a week on a trail, camping, bush walking, whatever, restorative and energising.




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Daily Prompt: Savor

via Daily Prompt: Savor


Pure hot choc, something to savor, or savour.

I’m quite enthralled with the rise of Chocolateries. The whole cacao bean phenomena. Two are relatively local – Gabriel’s, and Temper,Temper. Temper have a documentary running on loop the whole time and it is fascinating. What I really appreciate is the whole business of crafting both pure and blended chocolates. Herbs, spices, fruits, condiments, nutella, vegemite, all add to a variety beyond my childhood dreams. It has become a bi-monthly treat on the way between work and home. All this talk of chocolate – I must go and find a piece. I’m not just savoring, I’m salivating …



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