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Candid Me

via Daily Prompt: Candid

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November is cool on the south coast, most especially in the morning, which is when we were strolling along the beach and Hayden had dropped back to take some photos including this one. We were totally unaware until later, when he confessed he’d taken this candid shot.

It reminds me that a candid view is always the one you don’t see or at least are not fully aware of. It’s the view presented on the street, at the beach, coffee shop, driving, working, socialising, shopping, and everything. Of course there’s CCTV everywhere, traffic cameras too. People are indeed watching. But my point is not that people are watching, who cares, but am I able to authentically be me where I am? The self conscious are never viewed candidly, they are always checking. The egoists are strutting, making an entrance, making a scene. No harm in that! However, masks aside, is the world able to candidly view the authentic me? Am I comfortable as me in the world?




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