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The Road Trip

Image: en.wikipedia.org a template mapo of Western Australia

We have been on a two week road trip with friends hence my absence.

If you locate Bunbury on the lower south west coast – we went from Bunbury to Collie, Williams, through several rural towns to Merrredin, to Yellowdine, Boondi Rock, Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Ora Banda, Menzies, Niagara, Kookynie, Leonora, Leinster, Sandstone, Mount Magnet, Paynes Find, Wubin, Dalwallinu, Wongan Hills, Goomalling, Northam, York, Brookton, Narrogin, Williams, Collie and back to Bunbury.

We camped stayed with friends in Merredin (one night), camped at Boondi Rock (two mights), Ora Banda (one night), Niagara (two nights), Leonora (two nights), Sandstone (two nights), Mt. Gibson (one night), Oak Park (one night).

It has bee a fabulous trip but no internet for most of it, so looking forward to posting some of my inspiration and experience from the trip.

regards, Paul


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Vacant Mind

5 Lines – Vacation


We’ve been more of a camping, bush travelling type of family. But a couple of years ago we decided to take the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin. It was a great choice, and a great holiday.

Vacant Mind

Where are you?
mmm … O, sorry, I was miles away.
Really? I could see that.
I was thinking we should go on a holiday.
Yes but you’ve just been, miles away, again.

©Paul Cannon





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The Adventure Begins


Yesterday Lyn and I drove the 172kms to Perth to pick up our hired 4×4 camper. We’ve been planing this for some time. We’re heading off with our good friends Geoff and Su out bush in Western Australia and on into the Northern Territory. Today we just shopped, stocked and packed the wagon, lots of fun trying to remember where half the camping gear was stashed since last year’s trip out bush. tomorrow we set off from our home in Bunbury for Merredin, where Geoff and Su live, a journey of 427kms and lots of favourite places for us to revisit along the way.



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