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I’m not sure which of the local species made and use these, possibly a New Holland Honeyeater. They are quite old, and they were not in use when we found them when we were removing a tree two years ago, we saw these and saved them for something, I have thought to incorporate them in an art work. The photo at the top shows a nest that is joined to the branch or twig really, the bird has woven fibres intricatly to grip onto the twig and secure a home space to raise a family. The photo at the bottom shows a nest that uses a fork in the twig to enable a secure grip. The weave of the nest itself is amazing up close, and makes a fine home. I note that there are a few inorganic fibres too, the birds use what they find – great recycling! And all done with feet and beak.


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2012-01-27 10.32.03.jpg

Sometimes even the sheer effort can be daunting, all the prep, all the organising and the getting there, but once launched, it’s really worth it. There’s something really meditative about kayaking, the smell of the water, salty downstream, brackish upstream. There’s plenty for the eye to rejoice in, dolphins, stingrays, King George Whiting, black swans and a host of birdlife (some migratory). There are sounds too, birds calling, wind rustling vegetation. And there’s the sound of the water lapping on the side of the kayak, and the sound of my paddle as it divides the water and pushes. But it is not overly intrusive, the kayak is gentle on its surrounds, respectful of nature. The fish and birds come close, they trust the quiet nature of this vessel, and so do I, it is an invitation to presence and calm, even stillness (which is not an absence of movement per se). When I launch the kayak, I launch into something too, something deep.



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Life Giving


This once proud tree laid down its own life long ago along the Blackwood River, but it continues to give life. This section of tree trunk is an ecosystem. Moss evident along the log, other plants growing off the ends, a variety of insects, gekkos, frogs. A place for birds like flycatchers, wagtails. As its surface breaks down it becomes one with the soil, humous to feed other plants. In that way this tree is still alive, it is life-giving, selfless, redeeming.



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Adrift [on land]

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I happily come adrift when I’m bush walking. To change the context of that song by Otis Redding (Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay, the line “watching the tide roll away” changes for me to watching the stress roll away, and anything else that clogs the mind. I love the smell of the earth, wet or dry, the eucalyptus leaves, blossom in spring, the resin oozing from the Red Gums, the sound of Fantails, Honey Eaters, Wagtails, Magpies, Rufus Whistlers; the sight of butterflies, the trails of ants, water flowing in the creeks. Rain or shine it is a wonderful space to be in. And that’s it for me, to just Be. I can happily come adrift from all that normally holds and binds, and for a time, let go.



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