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Berta Caceres – a poem by

Photo: from de ONU Medio Ambiente, the UN programme for the environment.

Note: Berta Caceres was an environmentalist in Honduras who was assassinated in 2016 for her successful work in protecting the Gualcarque River, among other projects and human rights activism. Her murder was initially covered up, but in 2021 the architect of her murder was sentenced to 22 years in prison, but the murderers are still at large. needless to say, these murderers are allegedly a product of the infamous Fort Benning and the former programme of the School of the Americas, which in my understanding is code for training thugs and right wing militants (think Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Panama ….). Berta was 44 years old and leaves four children and a husband, but also a great legacy of what can be achieved even under threat of death – she knew she was on a list.

“They are afraid of us because we are not afraid of them.” Berta Caceres

Berta Caceres

To say this is my home
is to say that I have a place,
somewhere to take sanctuary
from the pressures of the world,
a door to close against the dark hearts
who do not want me to me to have
this place or my voice, which speaks
loudly for my people, for our rivers
and trees, our homes, for the right to say 
no to those who have no understanding of
our needs, our ways, our culture, but tonight,
although I do not know that it will be tonight,
you will read that they came to silence my voice,
I am not afraid of them, shooting me will not 
silence me, my voice will continue to speak

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