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via Daily Prompt: Varnish


I don’t know how long the sign has been there, I’m guessing thirty years, but it could do with a clean and some fresh varnish. On the one hand I’d like to leave the lichen undisturbed, on the other hand, the sign is slowly disappearing and it is crucial to the trail directions. It represents the constant dilemma of balance in eco relationships. What is really so important that one life form must surrender to another? Maybe I’ll leave off the varnish.




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The Journey

I’ve been pondering this quote for some time.

“To take shape a journey must have fixed bearings, as a basket has ribs and a book its themes. The clearest way to understand … our journey … is to look at a single woven basket’s basic design … First, two splits or reeds are centered, like the cardinal points of a compass. Then, two more splits of equal size and length are added. These are the ribs of teh basket. Weaving begins at the center … over … under … over … under … until it is finished. From the simplest basket to the most complex … this principle is the same. The ribs must be centered and held in balance. In a sense, they are the fixed bearings that guide the rythm of weaving.” (from: Marilou Awiakta Seiu, ‘Seeking the Corn Mothers Wisdom”)

And therefore, the bearings that guide our journey. In short, we need to have a guiding principle, we need a frame, a community, a place in the world. And we need to be held by that community, held by those principles. When we have these things in our lives, when we are held, when we are centered,  we weave a journey that is rich, under, over, under, over, until we are finished.




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