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At Ease – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Poetics: Profiles – Portraits

Anmol at dVerse has invited us to write a profile or portrait (so, I’m not using a photo this time).


“Old man with a young mind is much younger than the young man with and old mind!”  Mehmet Murat Ildan

At Ease

His wrinkled face carried his life
and held his rheumy eyes
as they appeared to weep
in a grief of days now gone,
his greying hair a testimony,
a paean to a wisdom unspoken
while his gnarled hands were
badged by his plaid shirt,
perhaps too big
but he’d thinned a lot
these past two years
just as he shuffled
more than walked,
he slid into the seat across
and ordered his coffee in
slow and carefully appointed words
completely at ease with his world.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com



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