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Daily Prompt: Loop

imagevia Daily Prompt: Loop

I’ve always wanted to be kept in the loop. But when I think of loop, I find it hard to get past the days of scouting and learning knots, I loved knots, there was no end of them. Generally speaking, loops are foundational for most knots. So maybe in that way I’m kept in the loop.

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Bottle Bane — aroused

do you bottle up toxins or express them in a healthier manner

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via Photo Challenge: Focus


Originally I wanted the whole Zanthorrea (grass tree) in the frame. In the end I was satisfied for this frame where the stamen is curled rather than perpendicular. I was attracted by it’s glossy sheen and shape.


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Order [through disorder]

via Photo Challenge: Order


I’m not keen on order, I prefer disorder, dissonance, random, spontaneous. I love this photo. I took this a few years ago, en route to Esperance, at the disused tenis court at Lake Newton, on the Hyden-Lake King Road. I love that nature is creating its own order, supplanting (pun intended) the human planned order. Others would say Gaia at work, nature healing itself. Some may see a fractal, in disorder there is a new order. But I simply see the power of nature challenging human attempts at order.


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via Daily Prompt: Polish


Well hardly a polish, and almost zero spit, though she did once slobber, naturally. I usually think of shoes, but especially my old cadet boots and spit and polish. But when I was glancing through some photos I spied this shot of our dear (late) Sasha who wasn’t overly fond of starting a wash, but steadily got into it. Notably she’d go from grey to clean in no time, and she loved the feeling of releasing the dirt. She died last year at 14 a veteran of several moves and many experiences. I like to think she was well rounded, polished by her experiences.


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via Daily Prompt: Natty


Usually natty (neat, trendy, stylish) is how you dress. But I like the style of this old car, I think its natty. I’d never own one, I just love the fact that others care about them and I can have a moment to share their passion. A grand old natty car.



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