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Everything – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Sage – RDP Sunday




“He who does not answer the questions has passed the test.”  Franz Kafka



No words came,
just silence in the presence
was enough,
nothing was fixed,
but everything fell away.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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So Simple – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Revelation – Word of the Day


Photo: Orchid at Talgomine Reserve, winter 2018.


“Those things that nature denied to human sight, she revealed to the eyes of the soul.”  Ovid


So Simple

So simple really, that
in the delicate unfolding
of an innocent bud,
all is revealed,
all is satisfied,
all can be known,
if your gaze is kind.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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The Nature Of Brown Mugs – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




The Nature Of Brown Mugs

I took my tea in a brown mug,
having decided against the blue,
the brown intimated something,
it’s the nature of brown,
speaking in more earthy ways,
with a mantle of wisdom to imbibe.
As I nursed the mug
nestled in my palms,
I listened to its
inaudible voice,
inviting me to a
more contemplative stance,
patiently waiting,
when I finally rose,
I stood differently in that place.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Wisdom So Rare – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Learn – Word of the Day



“Do you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”      Charles Bukowski



Wisdom So Rare

At days end what did you receive,
what did you let go?
An examen of ebb and flow might help,
for life gives up a series unplanned,
memories touched by a word or a chord,
the sound of a voice to reminisce,
an exhaust that intrudes,
sunrise, sunset,
faces, tears and smiles,
all morsels of emotion to feast,
nothing rote learning can touch,
and though two times two equals four,
what feeling is that?
Or a library the envy of all?
Pages and jottings are bankable things,
even a conference or two,
but at the end of the day a little reflect
brings a wisdom so rare,
a discernment of movement or no,
be there pain and resist,
or perhaps joy and relief,
acceptance and gratitude redecorate inside,
and gently encourage release,
no mountains may move,
but a peace will exist,
as we learn to be just as is.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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The Mindful Quest – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

RDP Wednesday – Quest


Labyrinth at Shoalwater Bay

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”  Matthieu Ricard



The Mindful Quest

There are places to go and places I’ve been,
and many worlds I’ve ever dreamed,
but none compare to the winding path
that leads to inner life and being,
to the eye a gentle path,
to the heart a formidable journey,
the mindful quest is the greatest quest of all.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Not For Me

Obsequious – Word of the Day



Not For Me

What possessed you?
Did you think I’d be impressed if you grovelled?
That I wouldn’t wonder where your dignity lay?
Surely, lower that the soles of my shoes
which you readily moistened with your lips.
What chance respect now?
Now that you’ve declared an unreserved submission
that was never once desired,
least of all by me?
What hope is there for you, for me, for all the world?
And end to it!
Arise and speak with me
of needs and wants, hopes and dreams,
of far away lands and desperate sorrows,
of grief, of love, of sparrows.
And let us look each other in the eye and know
that we can trust our truths
and hold each other’s dreams
and keep our shoes dry,
lest in turn, we own each other.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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La Capella (The Chapel)

Exhilarating – Word of the Day


Beedelup Falls, Pemberton. For me the bush is exhilarating, it refreshes and restores me. This is my true chapel.

La Capella (The Chapel)

I drink,
breathe in,
those familiar smells
of this hallowed place.
Myrtles form your vaulted ceiling
which resounds with the chant of my praise.
While your aisles are damp, meandering paths
through open woodland,
and at its center
your altar of rugged granite.
And yet, there is no intended sacrifice
save that which surrenders itself for another.
Sunrise and sunset are your stained glass,
an ever changing story of light and life.
Ravens, your gargoyles, guard the narthex,
announcing every entrance,
for everyone is called to this sacred space,
a sanctuary of wonder and delight.
This chapel of life-breath and beauty,
a sublime offering,
life giving.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Energetic – Word of the Day


The creek line along the outer wall of King’s Canyon.

Elegy For Mother

I stopped on the rise
where the trail opens to a valley,
and sat for a while admiring your view.
I took off my shoes and savoured your sand,
ran my hands down your powdery skin,
stretched my arms out in praise,
breathing you in,
taking you in memory,
sacred memory.
Purified in your creeks,
fuelled by your self-offering,
I reflect this on your paper,
in my electronica chic,
mineral products so smooth.
All that you are is
all that I am,
and all that I have.
Yet, though I valliantly try,
I have left you
like a football I once kicked,
burst and rent.
Kyoto a faded vow,
my lust has consumed you
your energy spent
feeding mine.
And more than admiration,
or the faithlessness of plattitudes,
Sacred Mother,
you need a hand.

©Paul Cannon




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Candor – Word of the Day





I heard your footsteps pressing down
on surrendered cypress,
above the water singing over rocks,
gently seeking home,
just visiting this humble onsen.

I saw you emerge,
floating through the Hinoki,
its resin so sweet,
an offering in praise of your being.
Cherry blossom pink.

A ritual unfolds.
A pause,
a prayer,
as kimono softens the rock.
Your body supple as a young Sika,
graces the intimacy of water.

An open conversation
I hear with my eyes.
And, though my lips silently babble,
my heart speaks straight,
as my ritual unfolds.
A prayer …

©Paul Cannon


The Latin allows for candor to carry the meaning of brilliance, whiteness, radiance, naturalness and much more.

An Onsen is a hot spring, but has also come to include the bath house alongside. A Sika is a Japanese deer which is also a species common across Asia. Hinoki is a small cypress tree.



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Seasons Out Of Time



Savoir Vivre

Arabica claims my soul,
and I fold into myself.
Nursing, caressing ceramic,
contours of the mind explored,
a joie de vivre.

Pleasure fills and shutters me,
with a kind disregard for all.
Shuffling The Daily, scraping chairs,
pling and clicking banished,
My visa is for mellow ground.

Grief, a presence felt, “How was that?”
But how could I explain?
Ambrosia? Words inadequate.
A meditation slowly unfolding.
“Perfect.” I said.

The spell now broken I come ashore,
leaving kairos, chronos pulling
its quotients ever draining.
But I,
I prefer seasons out of time.

©Paul Cannon



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