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The Real Life – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“But by the time you’ve worked long enough, hard enough, Real Life (which insists on being capitalised as if it were a personage with a proper name and a right to barge into this rental unit called your life) begins to reveal itself as something other than effort, other than accomplishment. Real Life wishes to be left to its own purposeless devices.”  Patricia Hampl  ‘The Art Of The Wasted Day’


The Real Life

I set a course some moons ago,
plains of windmill grass and dianellas
were simple pleasures,
creeks with flooded gums along blue grass banks and
granite outcrops boasting ghost gums pleased the eye
as much a solace as any company of kind,
while the hills challenged my humble frame,
just as human contact did at every turn
and over time I lost my way
as other, lesser things, intruded.
One day I heard the kookaburras laugh
and I took it personally,
what a fool this way travels they sang,
chastened, I quelled my madding mind,
and reset my compass heart
for deviations, tangents,
the real life.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Breathe That Fire Again – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Here There Be Dragon Poems – Quadrille



“Beware the sleeping dragon. For when she awakes the earth will shake.”   Winston Churchill (speaking about China)


Breathe That Fire Again

Elements of life
we simply forget
or want to,
the water under
an abridged life,
coded tapestry of
joy and disappointment,
yet one wisp of song and
a flood of vignettes
sometimes we must
poke the sleeping dragon
and breathe that fire again.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Electile Dysfunction – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Fog – Word of the DayIMG_0029.jpeg

Photo: View of the car park at the foot of Bluff Knoll, taken from the half-way point through the lifting fog.

“To win the people, always cook them some savoury that pleases them.”  Aristophanes, ‘The Knights’

Electile Dysfunction

Precipitation reigned raining
as damp held court and
mystery rose to the heavens
where nothing was said
and the veil remained
holding me without a vision,
moving slowly
not knowing which way to go
I ascended the mountain
trusting feet over eyes,
receiving pedestrian news
the veil lifted cracked
and I caught
infinitesimal hope,
just down in the
bottom corner,
that the sun might yet
warm the heart
of this broken land.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Abundance Patented – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Cornucopia – RDP Thursday



“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of cancer.”  Edward Abbey.


Abundance Patented

Adam’s spawn did play a game,
a nasty little game so spiteful,
turning the earth’s abundance
to a paucity
an economics of scarcity
to benefit the few and
starve the many,
for giggles did they
sup in full view
on the horn of plenty
thumbing their noses at death,
who smiled.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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We Learned To bend – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Compromise – RDP Thursday




“Love without sacrifice is like theft.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb


We learned To Bend

There is a oneness
that we found or,
perhaps, we made
of each other,
smoothing those edges
colouring the other,
what’s mine is yours
those worldly goods
some stayed and
some went,
we evolved together
and, on the shape
the colour,
the style or fad,
we learned to bend
more than a little
without breaking the
integrity that
held the core of us.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Misplaced – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

What Do You See? – Willow Poetry



Image provided.

“Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language.”  
Meister Eckhart



A medieval babel
we built the cloister as if to reach heaven,
high and lofty
grand as a statement of our
misplaced devotion,
realising too late
that there is nothing big enough to catch,
let alone contain,
that which we call God
who dwells in much humbler
less rational cathedrals.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Mono Tony – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Monotonous – Word of the Day



A grave is a rut with the ends kicked out.” Earl Nightingale

Mono Tony

He left his grey house
and took his grey life
to the grey building
where he worked in a grey office,
and stifled boredom with
the random interference of yawns,
and watching the spinning pinwheel
of death on his screen,
the only colour in his day,
as the computer mimicked his life.
He took dull reports
and dulled them down
with such exquisite precision
into a dull summary
after which he returned to
his grey house and
his grey life,
yearning for colour.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Ms Palette – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Colour – RDP Sunday



“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.”  John Ruskin


Ms Palette

Some people are very grey,
while some are plain beige,
that’s who they are,
others, unfortunately,
are determinedly black or white
and entirely predictable,
some are bohemian rainbows,
free spirits,
like my girl,
colour my day.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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A Shared Space – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Sanctuary – RDP Saturday


Photo: (it seems that I am not the one who photographs our garden!)

“When you increase the number of gardens, you increase the number of heavens too.”  Mehmet Murat ildan


A Shared Space

In the garden of restoration
there is a chair,
another too,
an invitation
with table and wine,
a sharing amidst nature’s
colours and sounds,
that sweet moist air,
and the silence craved at day’s end.
A sanctuary to ponder madness
To dream our dreams,
and to divine purpose,
though not an end
of all our being.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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So Simple – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Revelation – Word of the Day


Photo: Orchid at Talgomine Reserve, winter 2018.


“Those things that nature denied to human sight, she revealed to the eyes of the soul.”  Ovid


So Simple

So simple really, that
in the delicate unfolding
of an innocent bud,
all is revealed,
all is satisfied,
all can be known,
if your gaze is kind.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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