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No Sides – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Squat – RDP





No Sides

The wrong side
of what is not entirely clear
to me,
but wrong it is said,
of this or that,
from left to right,
in our typical binary fashion,
a perfected duality,
raising the prospect of
who’s in, who’s out?
as if one bloodline is corrupted,
or wombs are so ideologically different,
or blue eyes are ascendant,
and wealth is of colour!
Well, there is no geography,
only doctrinaire fantasy,
a blindness to the heart,
a denial of love.
Of squatters there should be not,
and those who rejoice that there are,
know squat of human connection.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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One Day Soon

Atone – Word of the Day


Christine Blasey Ford, who dared to call out not just a man, not just a powerful man, but a presumptuous power culture. Mother, aunt, sister, cousin, friend, colleague, neighbour … we’re all connected.



One Day Soon

She is every woman from every place,
from factory floor to research lab,
she has been assaulted everywhere,
from home to conflict zones,
she’s been invaded and degraded,
tables turned
now offender,
victim on trial.
Liar, Liar, crucify her,
bay the kangaroo court of power,
the ancient privileged cyclops
who laugh and jeer,
and feel supreme,
yet deep down,
driven by a fear that,
just maybe,
one day
they must atone.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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