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Life Giving


This once proud tree laid down its own life long ago along the Blackwood River, but it continues to give life. This section of tree trunk is an ecosystem. Moss evident along the log, other plants growing off the ends, a variety of insects, gekkos, frogs. A place for birds like flycatchers, wagtails. As its surface breaks down it becomes one with the soil, humous to feed other plants. In that way this tree is still alive, it is life-giving, selfless, redeeming.


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Three years ago we were in Katherine, on the ferry tour along the gorge, and Lyn was relieved we were in the boat and not in the water. However, it is only a fresh water crocodile or freshy, and not a salty, or the large agressive salt water crocodile. Saltys only periodically get into the gorge during the wet season when the water rises. The wildlife officers place plastic floats along the gorge bank. Apparently, saltys are curious and will investigate the floats, often damaging them, and so the officers know they need to remove one.


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Daily Prompt: Blossom

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Hakea Obtusa, found just out of Ravensthorpe at Overshot Hill in early September some time back. I had stopped for a break on a five hour drive from Merredin to Esperance and saw this. The colour was so potent it was as if iridescent. It was a wow moment. A blossom I’d love to have in my garden too.




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Daily Prompt: Paragon

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Virtue? Paragon of virtue? Perhaps someone, but not me. Mother Theresa, St. Francis, Gandhi, Anne Frank? Often we think in human terms in regard to paragon. But there are times I relate to nature, there are plenty of exemplars of life, goodness, beauty, nurture, in nature.


(Illyarrie)  Erythrocorys (Erythro = red; korys = cap) begins as a red capped fruit, then shedding the cap to allow the yellow flower to burst forth. Erythrocorys is an Australian Eucalypt. (My photo)


This photo from

Now that’s an exemplar of natural perfection and beauty,



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