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The Mindless Frog – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




“As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please …”  Noam Chomsky

The Mindless Frog

On a cold winters day
I was prim on my lily pad
awaiting a princess to
plant her lips on me,
an average fantasy of transformation
by any normal standard and
I was so surprised when instead a
man carefully picked me up,
fed me and placed me
in some nice tepid water
where I thawed and relaxed,
stretching and luxuriating,
I was so unconcerned as
my flesh started to loosen and
gently peel from my bones
rising to the surface where
the beady eyes of the man
continued to watch expectantly,
too late I realised
that princes consume.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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I Wish I Hadn’t – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Grass – RDP Thursday



“I see litter as part of a long continuum of anti-social behaviour.”  Bill Bryson

I Wished I Hadn’t

I took myself for a walk today
and I came to a little park,
the sun was out,
the grass was shining,
so I thought I’d sit for a while,
but as I looked,
and I wished I hadn’t for
all was not as it seemed,
a child surrendered
its lunch to the grass,
while several dogs weighed less,
there were tea bags and wrappers,
beer slops and bottles,
so I went to the mall instead.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Solaced – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: on the road to Jindalee, out bush among the mallee and mulga.


“And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.”  John Muir


In those long brumous days when
my chest is wearied
and sorrowed
I dream of Maarla and Ooldea,
longing for that silent word
offered without guile
to flesh and feathered alike,
and held in the company of
such wisdom born of stillness,
a scintilla of self-acceptance
there, in that moment,
I am solaced,

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: Maarla and Ooldea are types of Mallee. Mulga is Acacia.


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Attention – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

5 Lines – Hello



“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”  Mary Oliver



All the world is hello,
like a lover flirtatiously smiling
drawing attention indiscreetly
all red shoes and lipstick,
just wanting some loving attention.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Dying For The Fiction – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Poetics – Climate Crisis


Cartoon found at


“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”  Rachel Carson



Dying For The Fiction

They filled in the wetlands and gave me a house
of dreams filled with death,
and we cut down the trees that gave us life
that we might see the views of the city lights,
in a panic we scorched everything in the
belief that we must perpetuate production,
the very poison that kills all,
while giving happiness in spades of plastic that
smothers reality and makes us long for more
fictions that soothe and inspire
how self murder is so healthy for us,
I awoke this morning to find
my limbs removed,
my lungs cut down
and plastic in my gut,
I am Eco,
I am dying
for the fiction.

©Paul Vincent Cannon






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As The Sun Sets – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Quadrille – Sun – 8th anniversary


Photo: Taken at Atwell two winters ago.



As The Sun Sets

As the sun sets in the western sky
will it rise again tomorrow,
will it shine as it did at Runnymede,
or Philadelphia,
or Paris in 48,
or Mabo in 92,
the light is now clouded
darkness descends,
my heart hopes
yet weighed down.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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That Ignites – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Wind – RDP Saturday


Image: found on


That Ignites

What is wind that we matter,
that we could see it truly
or know it closely,
but it lingers not,
instead, shifting often
and inhabiting new guises,
cheerful breeze or sullen nor-wester,
sails fill and sheets dry,
leaves all astir
as windows rattle,
gentle or angry
that’s as winds go,
but the most fearsome wind,
the most difficult of all,
besides the wind of change
a thing of beauty,
the cyclone that
ignites my mind again.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Life-Giver – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Bucolic – Word of the DayIMG_0352.jpeg

Photo: Elachbutting Rock, one of Western Australia’s waved rocks, and typically showing the effect of water and air on the minerals in the rock. The rocks are crucial to flora and fauna, filtering and directing, and holding water. The indigenous relied on them as a source of water, and most of the granite and sandstone outcrops form part of the extensive Song Lines.



In a dry wilderness land
where wind whips sand
and helios mercilessly
desiccates all life,
you form and poise
almost reaching that peak,
yet never crashing to foam
holding the space as
serpentine life-giver
oasis of hope
sentinel of Eden
in this dry ocean.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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Dignity Reclaimed – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Reclaim – VJs Weekly Challenge


Photo: Bunbury Wetlands, some kind soul had waded into the shallows to extract this shopping trolley which was rusting and missing some of its sides. Every year when the water level drops the Friends of the wetlands go in and remove the rubbish dumped there.



Dignity Reclaimed

As summer wore on
the lake became brazen
shedding her cloak,
revealing her blemishes and scars
symbols of modern decline,
cans, bags, and a shopping trolley,
a cage of slavery now enslaved
encrusted and rusted,
yet easily excised,
and the lake,
her dignity reclaimed
by winter’s refreshing rains.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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The Very Center – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Peace – RDP Saturday


Photo: the Moore River at the rear of New Norcia monastery.

The Very Center

The trickster offers it with a flourish
bargained as something for our time,
but it came with Zyklon B
and piles of childrens shoes,
it was so eerie
but then,
evil takes your breath away,
it comes with napalm
cluster bombs
and starvation,
the guns eventually silenced
but there was no peace
not even in the cathedrals or temples
or the consumption of techniques
could I find it,
sure, I read a book or two,
met a guru,
sat with the sacred,
then the day dawned where
I saw peace in all its beauty,
where its friend stillness habited
the midst of the eye of my storm,
and the very center
was how I was
as much as where
never who,
but it helps to smell
the eucalypts and feel the sandstone,
touch the water,
and just sit
while the winds of life
rage all around me,
and there it is.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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