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The Greatest Venture – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Venturesome – Word of the Day




The Greatest Venture

Horizons call,
heights to be faced,
mountains to conquer,
rapids to crest or,
maybe go down to the woods.
Whatever it is,
no matter the urge,
it’s never the task,
instead, for most, it’s that little voice,
“are you sure about this?”,
that’s the greatest venture of all.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Where All Is Gift – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Dream – RDP Prompt




Where All Is Gift

Behind my eyes lie other worlds,
deep in my unconscious,
and, though never quite the same,
there are many familiars,
alongside such wonderment,
where shadow meets soul,
scape upon scape,
in conversations of colours,
sounds and places.
A sojourn without end
where all is gift.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Inner Child – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

What Do You See?


Inner Child

It took some time to set you free,
I searched for the key,
but it was so long ago I
forgot it was at my very center;
my blindness hid you,
then I forgot you,
I shrank and dried up,
ever diminishing,
till one day
I stumbled on a clue,
which released you,
running, grinning, bouncing, leaping,
thirsting for life.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Never Made – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Chagrin – Word of the Day




Never Made

Best made plans
are never truly planned,
merely imagination applied
in a disorder of events,
taking us to tea parties
and hidden places,
relationships unknown,
and even the journey to self.
The best made plans are
never made,
they are,
the fruit of frustration.

©Paul Vincent Cannon





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True Madness (I’ll Be The Drudge Of That) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Madness – 5 Lines


Photo:  a sardine cannery.

For me the photo speaks of work, income, but also of repetition and boredom, if you like – a type of madness.


True Madness (I’ll Be The Drudge Of That)

Friends with bipolar are sadly labelled,
eccentrics and the odder ones marked out,
people with causes and passionate views,
madness is none of these discomforting behaviours,
true madness is doing what we always do without thought or heart.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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That Old Self-talk – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Soliloquy – Word of the Day




That Old Self-talk

I’m harder on myself than you are,
yet your judgement somehow wounds me more –
how can you possibly say that?
I say to myself.
And you say what I have been avoiding.
Yet I think I make sense of myself,
and I measure your integrity by that,
which means,
I measure myself by your commitment to me.
Whoever said this was objective?
So don’t make me laugh,
tis but a game,
a self deceit,
of looking for love, for self,
in all the wrong places,
and the damage we do to ourselves,
by talking,
but not listening.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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I Might Just Stay Out There – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Ponder – 5 Lines




I Might Just Stay Out There

I got to thinking but, I let it go and instead, I let my mind wander
to Shangri-La, Asgard, Xanadu, and Kunlun,
such places of beauty that penetrated my heart with a wound of joy,
I’m back now, but I fly out again tonight,
and somedays I imagine I might just stay out there.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Giving, Not Taking

Harvest – 5 Lines



Giving, Not taking

Way back, that bloke in Judea once said,
unless an ear of wheat dies and falls to the ground
there would never be a new harvest.
I like to think that our love and kindness grow
when we cast them into the fertile ground of humanity.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Voices In The Glade

Glade – Word of the Day


One of my many photos of Borannup forest, the glade is just in front.


Voices In The Glade

So profound was my experience that day,
when I entered that glade,
and felt the place.
There I surrendered my adopted
sophisticated self,
returning to my true child,
dazzled by delights so simple,
humble, natural, and beautiful.
How could it be that the honeyeater,
a dew drop, that dry leaf, the spider,
a skink or two,
a rock,
could change the very core of me?
This I know,
I left that glade
knowing there was more than I,
an intricate flow of life
that spoke to me,
and, overcome,
without words
my soul ran over.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Not For Me

Obsequious – Word of the Day



Not For Me

What possessed you?
Did you think I’d be impressed if you grovelled?
That I wouldn’t wonder where your dignity lay?
Surely, lower that the soles of my shoes
which you readily moistened with your lips.
What chance respect now?
Now that you’ve declared an unreserved submission
that was never once desired,
least of all by me?
What hope is there for you, for me, for all the world?
And end to it!
Arise and speak with me
of needs and wants, hopes and dreams,
of far away lands and desperate sorrows,
of grief, of love, of sparrows.
And let us look each other in the eye and know
that we can trust our truths
and hold each other’s dreams
and keep our shoes dry,
lest in turn, we own each other.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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